Find Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map Information

Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) have been released for most communities affected by the New York/New Jersey coastal flood study. You can access preliminary FIRM information and the technical data used to prepare them in the ways listed below. Find out which communities have received preliminary FIRMs and other types of FEMA data through the View Preliminary Flood Maps & Data page.

People with accessibility needs may call 1-800-427-4661 to request and receive assistance in identifying and interpreting FEMA flood hazard data for their property.

View Preliminary Maps Online

You can view preliminary maps in one of two ways:

The Flood Insurance Study reports that supplement the preliminary FIRMs are also available through both of these pages.

Look Up Preliminary Flood Hazard Information by Address

The “What Is My BFE?” tool allows users to look up flood zone, Base Flood Elevation, and other information from the preliminary FIRM for a particular address and compare it with the same information from the effective FIRM.

GIS Data and Web Services

GIS shapefiles of preliminary FIRM data layers are available through the Flood Map Service Center and the View Preliminary Flood Maps & Data page. Web-based map services (including REST, WMS, and KMZ format) are also available through the same sources.

Technical Data and Methodology Reports

The following technical data and reports describing the methodology of the coastal flood study used to prepare the preliminary FIRMs are available.