Resources for Homeowners & Renters

The resources on this page help you understand your flood risk, your role in the coastal flood study, and steps you can take to reduce your flood risk.

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to frequently asked questions related to the coastal flood study, preliminary FIRMs, vertical datums, and more.

Events Calendar for Homeowners and Renters
Information on public open houses to review the preliminary FIRMs and other public events will be added as it becomes available.

Document Library
List of materials featured on the Region II Coastal website, organized by topic.

What Happens After Preliminary FIRMs Are Released
Understand the steps that must happen before the preliminary FIRM can become the community’s official FIRM.

Appeals and Comments on Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps


Appeals and Comments on Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps
Provides information about what appeals and comments are and how to submit.

Flood Insurance
Learn about flood risk and flood insurance through the official website of the National Flood Insurance Program.

How Recent Legislative Changes Affect Flood Insurance


Flood Insurance Reform Fact Sheet
Recent legislation changed certain aspects of the National Flood Insurance Program. Learn about how policy holders are affected.

Preparing and Protecting Your Home and Family

Reducing Your Risk from Flooding
Understand the flood risk for your property and the best ways to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property from flooding.
FEMA’s preparedness website provides information on what you should do before, during, and after floods and other disasters to keep safe from harm. Examples of brochures and other materials available include:

American Red Cross – Plan and Prepare
The American Red Cross’ Plan and Prepare website provides information and tools to help you prepare your home and family, school, or workplace in case of a disaster. The site also includes information specifically for seniors about emergency preparedness.

Emergency Readiness for People with Disabilities
This Centers for Disease Control page includes detailed information about how people with disabilities can prepare for floods and other disasters.


Recovery Toolkit for Property Owners
Sandy recovery and rebuilding resources to help you build back smarter and safer.