Historical FEMA Flood Hazard Data Releases

The New Jersey/New York coastal flood study was underway when Hurricane Sandy struck the region in October 2012. Following Sandy, FEMA released Advisory Base Flood Elevation (ABFE) maps for certain communities based on the partially completed flood study which were designed to help in rebuilding and recovery efforts.

In 2013, FEMA began issuing preliminary work maps which included the full results of the coastal flood study. The preliminary work maps were intended to help communities and property owners understand the current flood risk and how flood insurance requirements might change in the future, prior to the release of the official preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs).

For most communities in the region, the ABFE maps and preliminary work maps have now been replaced by preliminary FIRMs, as the most recent flood hazard information available from FEMA.

Communities that have not yet received preliminary FIRMs in the region can access the most recent flood hazard data available from FEMA for their communities through the FEMA Flood Hazard Resources Map.

An historical archive of all ABFE and preliminary work map information released is available through the FEMA Best Available Data archive page. More information about these products is also available through the FAQs and Document Library.