FEMA to Hold Upcoming Webinars on Coastal Flood Study Status and Next Steps

Following FEMA’s release of preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) for New Jersey and New York coastal communities, local officials and residents reviewed the maps and submitted appeals and comments.  FEMA staff have reviewed these stakeholder concerns and provided proposed resolutions to nearly all appellants.  FEMA will incorporate data gained from the appeals and comments into the flood hazard information on the preliminary FIRMs and Flood Insurance Study (FIS) report where appropriate.

To keep local officials apprised of the status of their FIRM and FIS report, FEMA Region II will host a series of webinars for affected communities. The agenda for these meetings include:

  • a status update on appeals and comments submitted from local officials and property owners;
  • information regarding a technical appeal submitted by New York City and potential impacts on the FIRMs and FIS reports for other New York and New Jersey coastal communities; and
  • next steps in the map update process.

Check the project calendar for specific times, date, and webinar login information.